Conditions That Can Change Your Personality

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About Personality It’s all the ways you think, feel, and act — it’s what makes you, well, you. It’s your habits, quirks, and how you react to the world around you. Even though your moods change and you learn and grow over the years, there’s still a certain you-ness to it all. But some health [...]

15 Surprising Foods That Cause Gas

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Apples The teachers’ favorite contains sorbitol, a sugar that’s naturally in many fruits. Some people’s bodies can’t absorb it properly, which gives them gas and bloating. It can cause diarrhea, especially for children. Blackberries Maybe you’ve enjoyed them fresh, in a juicy cobbler, or dried in teas. Their natural sugar is good for people who [...]

5 tips for sustainable eating

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As we become a more food-savvy society, consumers are looking beyond the supermarket shelf and exploring how their food is produced. Where does all this food come from? Consider that, for example, livestock production – which includes meat, milk and eggs – contributes 40 percent of global agricultural gross domestic product, and uses one-third of the world’s fresh [...]

15 Healthy Ways to Use Lemons and Limes

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Add a Dash of Flavor Whether you squeeze the juice into water or onto a tasty fish dish, these tangy citrus treats provide you with the same vitamins and minerals as other citrus fruits. The best part: They do it with less sugar. Keep Wrinkles at Bay It’s all that vitamin C, which is also [...]

Yoga could slow the harmful effects of stress and inflammation

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Stress accounts for between 60% and 80% of visits to primary care doctors. Chronic stress has been linked to accelerated biological aging, and increased chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, two processes that cause cellular and genetic damage. Scientists refer to chronic, low-grade inflammation in the body as “inflammaging.” Inflammaging has been associated with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, [...]

Study: Adults Over Age 50 Not Eating Enough Protein

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New health and nutrition data reveals a protein gap in the diets of adults in the U.S. Here’s why it’s important. We all know that muscles look good, but did you know they help keep us healthy, active and energized? And the best way to keep them in shape are regular exercise and sufficient protein [...]

All get expanded romaine warnings because of Alaska findings

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The federal government today expanded its romaine lettuce warning to include all types of romaine lettuce from the Yuma, AZ, growing region, including whole heads and hearts of romaine in addition to chopped, because of an ongoing E. coli outbreak. No specific brands, growers or processors have been named. On April 13, the warning against romaine [...]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: 5 Things Raise Your Risk

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Preventive steps to take plus what to do in an emergency You may think the most common single cause of death in the United States is heart attack. Or cancer. Or stroke. But it’s actually sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). SCA is a runaway problem with the heart’s electrical system (usually called ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation). [...]

How to Kick the Sugar Habit

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One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they just can’t control their sweet tooth. Though many of us want to lower our sugar intake, it’s hard to conquer those sugary cravings. From dealing with my own sweet cravings, as well as those of my clients, I’ve devised a strategy for reducing the urge to [...]